Kiara Advani told funny things related to dating app, friend found love right there

Kiara Advani is preparing for her upcoming film Indu Ki Jawani. She becomes a Smalltown girl in the film. Meanwhile Kiara has told that she has never joined the dating app. It was also told that his best friend is married only because of the dating app.

Kiara will be seen using the dating app in the film
In the film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ Kiara plays the role of a girl named Indira, who lives in Small Town. People lovingly call him Indu. This is a modern age love story and Kiara will be seen in it with dating apps. Kiara revealed that she is completely different from Indu in the real life dating app.

Best friend found love on dating app
Kiara told I never tried to join a dating app. I think I even saw how dating apps look. After signing ‘Indu Ki Jawani’, I google and looked at different dating apps. However, Kiara also said that her best friend has found love on the social platform.

… then this would be Kiara’s bio on the app
Kiara told, many of my friends use dating apps. My best friend is married to a person who met her on a dating app. Dating app is another version of Seema Aunty. If I was on dating, I would have a bio, just looking for love.


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