Kidnapping of Mia: “To hear Rémy Daillet seems essential to me”, believes the lawyer of one of the kidnappers of the girl

The man, suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of a girl in the Vosges in April, has been arrested in Malaysia in recent days. An international arrest warrant had been issued against him on April 20 by the Nancy prosecutor.

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Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of little Mia in the Vosges last April, has been arrested in recent days in Malaysia, franceinfo learned on Sunday April 30 from corroborating sources. “The possibility of hearing Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann in this procedure seems essential to me”, declared Maître Frédéric Berna on Tuesday June 1st on France Bleu Sud Lorraine.

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For the lawyer of “Jeannot”, one of the members of the commando who kidnapped the girl, Remy Daillet-Wiedemann “still appears recurrently [dans l’affaire]. A certain number of elements even put him at the head of the organization, and then we have the feeling today – and it is important that he explains it – that he could even have a harmful influence or even deleterious on a certain number of protagonists “.

“I hope with all my heart that he will have to explain himself to the French courts in the context of this case, continues Frédéric Berna. He will also be able to widely assert his objections if he has any to formulate, and he will obviously be able to benefit from the rights of the defense like everyone else “, adds the lawyer.

Malaysian immigration police have arrested Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann because his visa has expired, says the franceinfo correspondent in Malaysia. The man is in detention with his wife and three children, whose visas have also expired. His lawyer, Maître Jean-Christophe Basson-Larbi, said on Monday that he had started a hunger strike.

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