Kitchen Hacks: It takes a lot of time to clean the fridge, clean it quickly with these easy tips

Tips to Clean Fridge Easily: We can all use the fridge at home. In the summer season, we cannot live without a fridge even for a day. Whenever there is extra food and drink left, we keep it in the fridge. Along with this, we also use the fridge to store everyday vegetables and fruits. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of its cleanliness. It should be cleaned regularly so that we do not have any kind of health problem. So let’s know about the easy ways to clean the fridge-

How to clean the fridge
Before cleaning the refrigerator, make sure to turn off its power and take out all the food and drink items. Along with this, take out all its racks and put some water on it and leave it to swell. Along with this, also take out the rubber on top of the fridge. Along with this, you can adopt these home remedies to clean the fridge. So let’s know about those measures-

use bleach
You can use bleach to clean the fridge properly. Explain that bleach kills the bacteria of the fridge from the root. While using it, take special care that use it in small quantity because it is very hard. Using too much can cause a lot of damage. To use it, use blues in hot water and use it.

Cleaning the fridge with toothpaste
If there is any stain on your fridge, then you can use toothpaste for this. Using this will get rid of all the stains. To use it, take any toothpaste and apply it on the silty area and leave it for 10 minutes. Afterwards clean it with the help of a brush.

clean with the help of lemon
After removing all the stains of the fridge, clean it with lemon. First of all, take a lemon and cut it into two parts. After this, keep both the pieces in separate boxes of the fridge. After that leave the fridge door closed. After some time you will see that all the smell of the fridge will be gone and freshness will come there.

use household cleaner
To use a household cleaner, take a cup of ammonia and mix cup of vinegar and cup of baking soda. Now put this mixture in a spray bottle and clean the fridge with its help. Let us tell you that in no time your fridge will start shining.

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