Kitchen Tips: If you also want to be a smart kitchen king, then store vegetables like this

How To Store Vegetables: If you are fond of cooking, then there will be many such kitchen tasks which you would have solved in minutes. So in these smart kitchen tips, we have brought some such hacks for you, using which you will be called the king of the kitchen even more smartly. Yes, let’s know about some kitchen hacks.

Store cut potatoes like this
Often you must have noticed that by keeping the cut potatoes for a long time, they turn black. In such a situation, if you store them in cold water, then they will not spoil and will not turn black.

store bananas like this
Keep the end of the banana bunch wrapped with plastic or foil paper. With this, your bananas will last for a long time and will also be fresh. But any edible things, especially fruits, should not be stored for a long time, if they eat it fresh, then health will get the benefit of it.

Store cut fruits like this
You can apply lemon juice on cut fruits to store them for some time, like on apples. Also, if you mix honey in water and apply it on other fruits, then they will not turn black soon.

How to store brown sugar
To store brown sugar for a long time, put an orange peel or a piece of apple in the container in which you kept it. This will keep it in store for a long time.

shower cap is great
You can use a shower cap to protect the food from airborne particles. It not only helps in keeping your hair clean but also the food clean. Just make sure the shower cap is fresh.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or belief, it is necessary to consult the concerned expert. Get advice.)

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