Kitchen Tips: Insects have started in semolina, get rid of them by adopting these easy tips

Kitchen Hacks to Remove Bugs from Sooji: Many times many things come in excess in the kitchen. In such a situation, these things remain like this for a long time, due to which later it gets spoiled or insects get into those things. We use semolina in many dishes. But, if it is not stored properly (Tips to Store Sooji) then it gets worms very quickly. The biggest problem is that it becomes very difficult to get rid of these insects because they are very small and white in color. In such a situation, most people throw semolina. But, today we are going to tell you some such tips, by adopting which you can easily remove the Bugs in Sooji. So let’s know about these hacks (Kitchen Hacks to Store Sooji)-

Use Neem Leaves
Let us tell you that neem leaves are very helpful in removing insects engaged in semolina. If you have got worms in your semolina, then to remove it, you keep 10 to 12 leaves of neem in an air tight container. Check the container after two to three days. All your worms will be gone.

Use Camphor
You can use camphor to remove the worms in semolina. To use camphor, first of all, sieve the semolina well. After this, add camphor to it and keep it. Within 1 to 2 hours all the insects will die due to the smell of camphor.

keep insects away from the sun
Let us tell you that sunlight is very effective in driving away semolina insects. First of all sieve the semolina well. After this, you keep it in the sun for at least 2 to 3 hours in strong sunlight. In between, he kept turning his hands in the semolina. It will make all the insects run away or die.

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