KK didn’t want to do the show! Were you restless just after seeing the crowd in Kolkata?

The sudden demise of Bollywood’s most popular singer KK is shocking to everyone. From what has come to know after the death of KK, it is clear that he had heart failure. However, in many ways it is being said that it could have been prevented. The performance in which KK was restless and then passed away is narrated by a singer who was performing at KK’s concert at the same time.

KK did not want to perform
Singer Shubhalakshmi Dey has told the whole story of that day. She was present there that day and after seeing such a huge crowd, KK did not want to come out of his car. KK still performed for almost an hour but after that his life could not be saved. Shubhalakshmi told India Today in an interview, ‘There was a lot of crowd outside the auditorium. KK came at 5.30 pm. At first sight, he said- Dim the stage lights. If they had told, we would have stopped the show. ,
KK Autopsy Report: Revealed in KK’s autopsy report – white layer had accumulated around the heart, 10 types of medicines found in the body
KK no more after the show
After KK’s death, everyone was shocked and after that the West Bengal government gave him state honors. It is true that KK felt restless during the show itself but what happened after that is still a matter of investigation. KK’s postmortem report has arrived. According to this report, he was suffering from heart disease badly.


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