KKK 11: Rahul Vaidya remembered the direction of Parmar, was told on video call at midnight

It seems that Rahul Vaidya is not able to tolerate the distance from Disha Parmar. He is missing them a lot. Rahul Vaidya is currently shooting for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’ in Cape Town. He left for Cape Town on 6 May.

It has been a few days that Rahul has gone away from Disha Parmar and his condition has worsened in the same number of days. He often talks to Disha on a video call and knows his and family’s well being. Recently, Rahul made a speech to Disha Parmar on a video call (Rahul Vaidya video call with Disha Parmar). Rahul has shared a screenshot of the video call with Disha on his Instagram (Rahul Vaidya Instagram) story and has also created a heart emoji.

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Rahul left for Cape Town on May 6, Disha had said good bye

When Rahul Vaidya was leaving for Cape Town on 6 May, Disha Parmar came to bid him farewell at the airport. It was an emotional moment. Rahul and Disha hugged each other and emotionally called each other bye.

Rahul Vaidya feels scared of snakes and water

Rahul Vaidya had said yes to ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’, but in his mind he was also afraid of how he would face snakes and water. A few days before going to Cape Town, Rahul Vaidya had told the paparazzi about the show, ‘I am going to Cape Town on the night of 6 May. We had just tested RTPCR. Everything is safe. To be honest, I have done yes to the ‘player of dangers’, but I feel very scared. I am afraid of snakes. Scared of water. I am going now, but I do not know what I will do there. ‘

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Rahul Vaidya will be seen in the song with Rashmi Desai

Apart from ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’, Rahul Vaidya is also in a lot of discussion about his upcoming project, in which his Opposition Rashmi Desai (Rashami Desai) will be seen. Recently, Rahul shared some close-up photos with Rashmi Desai from this project on his Instagram account and told that something special is going to come soon.


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