Know how much Shahrukh has faith in Gauri, every husband should have such trust in his wife

Shahrukh Khan-Gauri Khan Relationship: The world is crazy about Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. When it comes to the happy couples of Bollywood, the name of Shahrukh and Gauri Khan will come first. People also give examples of their relationship. Even after many years of marriage, there has been no decrease in their love, but with time, more love has increased between the two and their relationship has become very strong. Like Shahrukh Khan and Gauri (Shahrukh Khan-Gauri Khan), if you also want to maintain love in your relationship, then consider the tips given by them. With these tips, you can also come closer to your partner. It will go on getting deeper.. So know here about the tips given by them, which you can adopt and make your relationship more happy…

Shahrukh Khan was asked in an interview that ‘Suppose Gauri ever says that she is now fed up and leaves him saying goodbye, then what will she do?’ To this the king of Beetown replied that ‘by the way, he should not do this. Still, if this happens, first I will tear my clothes and stand on the road and maybe start singing the song Gori-Gori O Banki Chhori. I am sure she will come back after that.

Under no circumstances will you let your wife go
Although this answer was very funny, but the sentiment hidden in it was quite lovely. Overall, this answer showed that Shahrukh will not let his wife go under any circumstances and if he gets angry, he will take every method to persuade her. It often happens even among common couples that when the wife gets upset, she expects her husband to convince her. In such a situation, do not hesitate to celebrate him, but express your love openly like Shahrukh.

Gauri doesn’t get a chance to get angry with Shahrukh
Gauri Khan had told in an interview that she does not get a chance to be angry with Shahrukh. He revealed that the actor is completely dedicated to him and the children. As a partner, he continues to surprise and spoil them even today by doing gifts and special things. Even today, Shahrukh does things like planning a surprise candle light dinner for him on Valentines Day. So how can she be angry with him?

Not wealth, every wife would like these qualities in her husband
Other husbands can also take a lesson from this. It is often seen that after marriage, couples start sidelining the romance, which affects their love. Surprise your wife, express your love and take her on a romantic date. This will strengthen the love of both of you as well as keep the relationship stronger.

to respect
When Gauri is getting ready, Shahrukh always enters the room even after knocking the door. It shows that you not only love your wife but also respect her. Suddenly the arrival of the husband in the room changing clothes can make the wife uncomfortable, so it is important that you go inside only after knocking the door.

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