Know the history, importance and message of saving nature of World Nature Conservation Day

Conservation of resources has an important role in saving the earth. Balance in its natural beauty can be done by preserving many parts of nature like water, air, soil, energy, minerals, vegetation, animals and birds. A statement by the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy is very important in this regard. He had said, "One of the first conditions of happiness is that the relationship between man and nature should not be broken."

The origin and history of World Nature Conservation Day is not known but the main objective of celebrating 28th July is a time to introspect as a species how human beings use nature. are being exploited and what steps should be taken to protect it. Due to indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, humans are facing the havoc of global warming, many diseases, natural disasters, rising temperature, climate change.

Message to save nature

If you care and love the earth, it will take care of you more. Happy World Nature Conservation Day!

Don’t complain about the climate getting hot unless you are willing to make changes for the good of nature. Happy World Nature Conservation Day!

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