Know the meaning of different colors of roses, give red roses on this occasion

Happy Rose Day: Valentines week starts with Rose Day. On this day, lovers express their love by giving roses to each other. So that they can fill their relationships with fragrance and smile like a rose flower. But it is seen in the market that you will get to see roses of many colors, so it is very important for you to know which rose is given when and to whom.

red rose

Red roses have always been considered a symbol of love. You can give it to your boyfriend or girlfriend and you can express your love.

pink rose

Pink roses have always been considered for friendship. You can further strengthen the trust of your relationship by giving pink roses to your friend. Apart from this, if you like someone, you can also give pink roses.

white rose

White color is considered a symbol of peace. That’s why you can erase your old grievances by seeing white roses and by apologizing, you can move towards making your relationship strong again.

Orange Rose

Orange color is a symbol of love, so if you like someone, then you can express your love by giving it an orange rose.

yellow Rose

Apart from this, if you want to start a friendship with someone, then you can gift him a yellow rose.

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