Know what digital detox is, how it affects our physical and mental health?

The invention of technology has mostly changed our lives in a positive way. This has made communication easier, employment has increased, sky highs have helped to be touched. Nevertheless, we know that there are some shortcomings in making life completely dependent on technology. It is true that through this, access to doctors has become easier, but it is also a fact that it has also deprived you of sleep.

Most people cannot even imagine life without their digital equipment and internet, but there are still times when we should think about it. The average online working time has increased by 48.5 minutes during the epidemic. Microsoft’s research showed that there was an increase of 30 percent in the scheduled meeting and a 1000 percent jump was seen in video calling. Next year should try digital detox to ensure a return to work with the energetic and productive.

Combats depression and anxiety
It would not be wrong to say that digital detox is the need of the hour, especially when the corona virus epidemic has affected us badly. Most people are victims of confinement, broken or stressed during lockdown. There are many reasons behind this, but it has been seen that the positive effect of separation from technology has been evident.

According to the health report, there is a relationship between excessive use of technology and restlessness. It affects dopamine release in the brain. The more social media platforms you use, the more you feel encouraged, which causes mental anguish.

Corrects sleeping pattern
When it comes to health, there is nothing more important than night sleep. Sleep gives relief to the body. But most mobile phones and technology have snatched away our sleep. We are all using mobile phones till late night. It affects the secretion of an important chemical known as melatonin which helps in relaxing the body and preparing some closed eyes. Regular digital detox can bring about vast improvements in sleep patterns. With this you can stay healthy in future.

Increases your focus
Digital detox devices attract your attention. Focusing at some other place hardly saves time. The demand for screen light is more than that of food. So unless we take a break from digital equipment, we will never know how we are destroying our lives. Digital detox will help in focusing and you will realize that there are many such activities that you can enjoy instead of looking at the set.

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