Knowing the depth of the mantra, do mantra siddhi, chant with a sincere heart

Jyotish Shastra: ‘Manah Trayate Iti Mantrah’ means the one who gives peace to the mind, avoids it, refines it, refines it, that is the mantra. Just as there is a rule of ragas, there is a fixed law, there is a definite time, there is a vowel, similarly there are definite deities of mantras, there are definite elements, there are definite appropriations and releases. Without their correct pronunciation, the worship of mantras can never be successful. The second important point is that just as the seeker of a raga, gradually purifying his vocal system, awakens his speech power and engages his mind in it, and creates the beauty of the raga, in the same way the seeker of mantra One should also do spiritual practice with the spiritual practice of speech, the inner harmony of the deity element and their deep understanding. In the same way as a raga is proved to be a raga to the seeker, in the same way the mantra also proves to be a mantra to a mantra seeker. Relentless efforts, unbroken rules, fixed time for chanting mantras are its essential elements. By doing this the seeker becomes perfect.

Mantra Siddhi is not a magic or miracle, but such an identification with the mantra, in which the seeker and the sadhya become one or rather the mantra gets absorbed in the seeker and the body, mind and soul of the seeker becomes devoted to the mantra. . In this situation the seeker becomes the seer of the mantra, that is, in this situation the seeker sees the mantra and its secret. The important thing is that if for some reason the seeker is not able to perfect the mantra in this life and continues on that path, then his journey in rebirth after the body begins from there, because the signs of chanting the mantra are physical. They are not mortal like things and do not perish along with the body.

Science says that energy waves emerge from sound in the world. Sound or vowel is the basic thing in the world. The word is also a sound or vowel root. Word is also a sound. Yes its sound is meaningful but meaning is not important in it. What is important is sound or sound. The Vedas have called the sound as Brahman. Brahma means expanding. The sound is an energy and it has a natural ability to expand, to expand. Mantra is a group of some such sounds or sounds from which a particular type of energy waves harmonize together with powerful force. An organized energy field develops from this special rotational alternation. This energy leaves an effect not only on people but also on things.

In the Yoga Shastra of Patanjali, four types of speech have been described, which are Baikhari, Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para. Patanjali says that the four voices gradually turn from gross to subtle. When a seeker chants aloud in the initial stage, it is called Vaachik Jaap. After becoming proficient in this, the second stage comes of Upanshu chanting. In this, the pronunciation is done in a very slow voice. According to Patanjali, this is the use of Madhyama speech. After this the steps become very subtle, which is called ajapa, it is just watching the chanting going on within oneself. Patanjali calls it Pashyanti. In this situation, the seeker remains a witness or a spectator of the mantra chanting going on within him.

According to Patanjali, the fourth stage of speech is the highest para stage. In this, the body, while performing its other actions, is never separated from the mind and soul by the mantra. His whole body gets condensed and becomes mantra. Whatever such a person says with his mouth is fulfilled with existence because there is no difference between existence and that person. Saint Kabir had said about such a state-

‘Jap die, ajapa die, anhad hu kill jaye’

That is, in front of all this, identification with Brahma is established.

Mantra meditation is not a simple matter. Without properly understanding its sound, mystery and sound, it is not beneficial, that is why it has been said in the scriptures that initiation of mantra should be taken from a guru because Mantrasiddha knows very well the secrets of the mantra, the sound sound and the deep meaning of the element.

Actually, any mantra is such a group of words in which the meaning of the words, the elements of the characters, the tone of voice decides what the mantra is of use and in which direction it will work. There is a harmony in the creation, there is a harmony. Mantra can reach you in harmony, this can happen only when you understand its meaning and try in that direction.

You must have heard that when the famous singer Tansen used to sing Malhar, it used to rain water and when Raga Deepak was sung, the lamps used to burn. Surely there must have been so much vibrancy in his singing that the lamps had to be lit. Similarly, a special kind of energy is transmitted from the mantra which has the ability to change all the elements of the creation from the chemicals of the body. But without skilled guidance it is impossible. Tansen also learned the knowledge of lighting lamps with Raga Deepak and showering water with Raga Malhar by sitting at the feet of Swami Haridas ji. The same is the case with Mantra Vidya. Sometimes even with continuous practice the seeker gets hold of that rhythm.

Every mantra has its own character and configuration, so not every mantra is useful for every person. Then the glory of the power of the mantra depends on the purity of the vowel. That is why in the Vedas the vowel is called Saraswati. If the tone is pure and perfect, then the miracles of the mantra will definitely be proved. Only refined speech can give meaning to the mantra, refined speech will happen only when the mind is pure. A benevolent elegance comes in the people of pure voice, so their rituals are successful. It should be noted that mantra worship is not just a series of words generated by movements of the tongue or mouth. Without the power of the mind engaged in the mantra, it remains a mere repetition.

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