Knowing the fitness mantra of Ananya Pandey, you can also get the perfect figure

Ananya Pandey Fitness Mantra: Ananya Pandey spends a lot of her time on social media where she keeps sharing videos related to her fitness with fans. Apart from a healthy diet plan, Ananya Pandey also follows a strict workout regimen to keep herself fit and active. According to media reports, in addition to cardio exercises, weight training, the actress definitely includes dance and yoga in her workouts.

Ananya Pandey Fitness Tips: Ananya likes to take fresh, healthy and nutritious diet for fitness. To stay fit, Ananya does not only rely on workouts and diets, but for this she also resorts to favorite sports. According to media reports, Ananya goes to the gym and does cardio and weight training, so that fat does not accumulate in her body. Apart from this, when she is not able to exercise by going to the gym, then she burns extra calories by dancing and swimming.

Ananya Pandey Diet Plan: Without a balanced diet, you can never get the figure you want and Ananya knows this very well, for this she takes special care of what she eats. However, sometimes she also does a cheat day in which Ananya definitely eats her favorite burger, pizza i.e. fast food.

Breakfast: For breakfast, Ananya takes low fat milk with 2 egg whites or she likes to eat upma, idli, dosa.
Lunch: In the afternoon, the actress likes to eat grilled fish with vegetables, roti, lentils.
Evening Snacks: Whenever Ananya feels hungry in the evening, she likes to drink filter coffee with nuts.
Dinner: In the night, she takes vegetables and salad with a roti. Apart from this, Ananya drinks a lot of water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated.

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