Lady Di interview in 1995: report concludes deception on the part of journalist Martin Bashir

The BBC has apologized. More than twenty-five years after an explosive interview with Lady Di for the British monarchy, an independent report on Thursday, May 20 denounced the methods “misleading” employed by journalist Martin Bashir to obtain it.

Broadcast on the program “Panorama” in 1995, in front of 23 million people, the interview had propelled the career of Martin Bashir, now 58 years old, and had the effect of a bomb.

The princess, who died in 1997 in a car accident in Paris, pursued by paparazzi, had notably affirmed that there was “three people” in her marriage – in reference to Charles’s relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles – and admitted to having an affair herself. She also confided that she suffered from bulimia.

The interviewer was accused of forging documents to obtain this interview. In his report, former Supreme Court Justice John Dyson confirms this version and tricks the BBC for its handling of a case that it has been dragging like a ball for years.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer had claimed Martin Bashir had shown her account statements – which turned out to be false – proving that the security services were paying two people in court to spy on her sister. This is what prompted him, according to him, to introduce the journalist to Lady Di.

“Although the report states that Diana, Princess of Wales, was in favor of the idea of ​​an interview with the BBC, it is clear that the process of obtaining the interview did not live up to what that the public has a right to expect. We are so sorry. “BBC chief executive Tim Davie said in a statement.

“It was a stupid thing to do and it was an action that I deeply regret”, reacted for his part Martin Bashir, who has just left the public group, in a press release. The journalist, however, claimed that these account statements had not played a decisive role in the “personal choice” of Diana to answer her questions.

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