Launch of a “Grenelle education” after the national tribute to Samuel Paty

In the aftermath of the national tribute to the murdered professor and the indictment of seven people by an anti-terrorism judge, Jean-Michel Blanquer launches this Thursday, October 22 a “Grenelle of education” supposed to put more teachers “at the center of the society “.

The tragic fate of Samuel Paty, 47, has brought to light the difficult teaching profession. The history-geography teacher was beheaded by an Islamist assailant on October 16 near his college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), ten days after showing his 4th year students caricatures of Mohammed during his lesson on freedom of speech

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“There, we really need civil society to get its act together, we need a united front without demagoguery, and it will have to go through us, through national education, through better consideration, because we are at the front with young people “, underlines Catherine Prévost-Meyniac, an eco-management teacher who came from Angers to attend the tribute

Protection of teachers

The Grenelle education, which should lead in three months to an increase in teachers’ salaries or even additional protection measures, was already on the ministry’s agenda. But it has been reviewed since the assassination of Samuel Paty to put more emphasis on “the professor at the center of society”.

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Today, there is a subject of protection of teachers but also of recognition of teachers. This question existed before and we must provide an answer, which is why we have been working for several months with the trade unions on what we call the social agenda and this leads (…) to the Grenelle of education, which will start as planned tomorrow “, Announced Wednesday Jean-Michel Blanquer during questions to the government in the Senate.

The Grenelle of education “Is based on key words, that of financial recognition, cooperation, that is to say teamwork, modernization and protection”, detailed the minister.

An increase especially for the youngest

Beyond this increase, “Which will affect the youngest in particular, but which could also affect all teachers, is the transformation of our system, in particular for local human resources, in other words a national education system much less anonymous, much more attached to what happens to each teacher and to follow him in his career, which will show the gratitude of the country to all the teachers and beyond all the measures that we will take ”, added Jean-Michel Blanquer.

“The national leap must lead us to consider that the teacher is central in our society and that each of us in our life as parents of students, of citizens, must respect the teachers and have speeches that put the teacher at the center. Of our society “, he said.

Among the seven people indicted for the assassination of Samuel Paty, including six for “complicity in a terrorist assassination”, are two 14 and 15 year old students from the college where he taught and a parent of a student who had called on the internet to the mobilization after Samuel Paty’s courses on freedom of expression.

Meeting with unions

Before the Grenelle education, a meeting will take place Thursday morning with the teachers’ unions to discuss the day of November 2, which will correspond to the start of the school year after the All Saints holidays. Asked about the content of this day, Jean-Michel Blanquer has already asked “All elected officials of the Republic, municipal councilors, mayors, senators, to be present with teachers on the day of this return”.

The 2021 budget of the ministry has been increased by 400 million euros (500 million for a full year), in order to increase the salaries of French teachers, which is 7% lower at the start of their career than the average for the countries of the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OECD).

The budget increase must finance various bonuses, in particular an attractiveness bonus (260 million euros for a full year) targeting early and mid-career staff, as well as a computer equipment bonus (178 million euros ) 150 euros net annually for each teacher. The unions recently noted a cause for satisfaction: wage increases will not be conditional on increased working time or other compensation, as they feared.


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