League of Nations: the French team, champion of the reaction

On the stand installed in the center of the lawn of San Siro, the Blues exult, under the glitter. Before going to do it under the cheers of the 4,000 French supporters present in Milan. This Sunday, October 10, they added their names to the list of the League of Nations, this young competition, after a stunning final against Spain (2-1). Stunning, this is the word that sticks to the skin of the players of the France team since June. Because in the 66th minute of this final, few people would still have said that France would win at the end of the meeting.

But these Blues have gotten used to reacting. In their last eight games, they have therefore conceded the opener seven times, without losing a single match. The French specialty in this year 2021 is the ability to come back to score and win in stride. Against Switzerland, on June 28, at the Euro, it had failed because the Blues had finally been taken at their own game at the very end of the match (3-3, 4-5 at the tabs).

Sunday evening, against the Spaniards, the recipe worked. And as in the semi-final against Belgium (3-2), it was in the second half that the burst of pride took place. Until then, the Blues had been strolled by the Spaniards in the first period and did not seem able to really worry the defense of La Roja. It took a monstrous rant from Paul Pogba, in the heart of the French defense at the very start of the second half, to make the eleven Blues react.

Paul Pogba raised the tone to revive his partners in the final of the League of Nations against Spain, on October 10, 2021 in San Siro (Milan).  (FRANCK FIFE / AFP)

At the end of the meeting, the French midfielder, leader of this team when Hugo Lloris cannot pass his instructions from his goals, confirmed the current trend of the France team: “It’s true that we started badly with a first half where we were dominated. We are on a reaction, we have to do better. But the result is victory at the end. that’s how we have to win, we will continue, why not? “, noted the Mancunian milieu at the microphone of M6.

Despite Pogba’s words, this model does not necessarily seem the most effective. Because if the tragicomic side of this bad habit this Sunday evening allows the France team to win a new trophy in one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world, it will necessarily have to be able to score the first goal in a meeting if she wants to win other titles, starting with the 2022 World Cup.

And without this seeming contradictory, the Blues will have to know how to keep this inner flame, this force which allows them to overthrow mountains when all seems lost and they flirt with emptiness. A pride underlined by Karim Benzema, author of the equalizer on a splendid goal, at the microphone of M6 after the match: “It was a very difficult game against a very good team, but we showed strength of character. This team is very, very strong and never gives up, and today we proved it again.” Asked about the reaction force of the Blues, “KB9” even sees it “the sign of great teams“.

Against the Belgians and Spain, France therefore came out brilliantly, still in the second period, again thanks to Benzema and Kylian Mbappé. While they are only one victory away from validating their ticket for the 2022 World Cup, the Blues will have to avoid being scared again against Kazakhstan and Finland in November during the last qualifying matches for the World Cup. .

But for the moment, and a few hours away from joining their respective clubs, the players of the France team surely have other considerations in mind. As their joy on the San Siro lawn could testify.

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