Léna Situations, publishing phenomenon

It’s a surprise in the publishing world. In a few weeks, Léna Mahlouf (better known under the name of Léna Situations) ranked at the top of the best sales in bookstores, ahead, for example, of Emmanuel Carrère and his story Yoga. Something to surprise adults and specialists in the sector, but not the youngest.

Always more, named after his book (1), is indeed a personal development guide, written for teenagers. In terms of form, it is located halfway between the diary and the college agenda. Basically, the young woman tells her life there, in the tone of a discussion between friends, and gives advice on how to feel good, and learn to be yourself. A mixture of psychology and a nicely narcissistic good humor. Above all, her fans find the ingredients that made the young woman popular on social networks. His YouTube channel is, in fact, followed by 1.8 million fans, thanks to this same “positive attitude”. “She shows that you can succeed in life by living off your passion”, thus estimates Anna, 14 years old. “She’s honest, she doesn’t try to say that she succeeds in everything. And in addition, the partnership she made with Dior was too stylish ”, adds her friend Marie.

Because Léna Situations is also a business queen and an influencer, that is to say, she puts her image at the service of brands, for remuneration. “If, for the youngest, she represents a bit of a big sister who gives good advice for the college years, reads its editor Aurélie Ouazan, for older children, she is a bit like the super friend who gives her tips to break into the world of fashion and the Internet. “

In our opinion

Read Always more has the merit of showing that the celebrity of Youtubers owes nothing to chance. Léna Situations says that she works (too much?). She assumes that her videos, certainly nice, are also disguised advertisements. Its readers can only come out a little less naive about this universe which often fascinates them. Parents can also dive into the book, to discover the well-oiled mysteries of a universe they often know nothing about. They will come away with the impression of having plunged into a marketing manual, but also of having learned a little more about this generation which is not cold in the eyes.


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