Let these things present in the house make your luck unlucky, negativity comes from these things

Vastu Tips: There are many such things inside the house, which even though they look beautiful to see. But she infuses negative energy in the house. We often ignore these negative things. But according to Vastu Shastra, keeping such items inside the house is said to be a Vastu defect. Not only does this bring negative energy into the house, but it can also prove to be unlucky for your luck and income. That is why it is necessary to take these things out of the house immediately and keep such things in the house which are good for your luck. Also, keep positive vibes coming in the house.

1. Bag of torn clothes
Often in the house, a bundle of torn clothes or worn out old clothes is tied and kept. But do you know that such a bundle of clothes present in the house creates negative energy in the house. Such clothes should either be donated, or given to someone for use.

2. Old Statue of Gods and Goddesses
Keeping torn or old pictures or fragmented idols of gods and goddesses is also considered a Vastu defect according to Vastu Shastra. It only causes financial loss. Along with this, it is also believed that old idols of gods and goddesses curse. Keeping 3-3 idols of the same deity in the temple is a Vastu defect. That is why always a clean and new idol of God should be kept in the house.

3. Keep the roof of the house clean
Having dirt on the roof of the house or keeping unnecessary things on it also causes Vastu defect. It is said that even the dirt lying on the roof of the house causes financial problems. Not only this, it also has a bad effect on the welfare of the family. Do not keep any junk or waste material on the roof of the house. This has a bad effect on the family members and also creates Pitra Dosh.

4. Broken wardrobe
Broken wardrobe causes financial crunch. That is why it is said that there should not be any broken cupboard in the house or shop. Not only this, it has been told in Vastu that after the work of the wardrobe is done, it should be closed. Unnecessarily open cupboards hinder the work and money also flows like water.

5. Broken Glass Goods
Keeping any kind of broken glass in the house is also considered inauspicious. Keeping any kind of broken or non-essential items in the house is a Vastu defect, due to which the arrival of Lakshmi stops.

6. Spiderwebs and Dirt
It is often said that good luck gets trapped in the spider web and dirt in the house, so the house should always be kept clean. Clean the spider webs made at home completely. Otherwise they can turn your good days into bad days. Spider webs found in the house or shop are inauspicious, so it is necessary to clean them from time to time.

7. Closed clocks are also associated with your luck. The clock which is stopped in the house should not be kept for a long time. According to Vastu, a closed clock stops progress. Therefore, the clock should be thrown out of the house as soon as possible.

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