Life as before

Finally, when you think about it, it was rather a nice period, these three weeks to wonder when we would have a new (or a new) prime minister and who it would be, not to mention the new government. Nope ? We heard a lot of criticism, protests, that it was incredible to wait so long and that Macron was only a lazy doubled with a weakling, unable to make up his mind, while the French people were prancing about impatience.

I say that we will regret this period. We were able to dream, imagine, calculate, fantasize about this one or that one, everything was possible, nothing was frozen, an entire country as if in suspension, in weightlessness, while, well, everything was functioning normally, as if nothing were, as if we were in Belgium, world champion in the matter. And that’s it, it’s over, farewell to the enchanted parenthesis, back to normal. With lots of announcements, appointments, decisions, a government that governs, let’s go, let’s go, roll my hen. Like before. End of the dream. End of rantings, of the craziest, most preposterous hypotheses. We only have the Cannes Film Festival, which starts today, to put in our mouths, to put a little suspense in life, the Palme d’Or, the interpretation prizes, all that. Well, it’s interesting, the forecasts for Cannes, I’m not saying. But, frankly, compared to all that we have just experienced, there is no comparison.


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