Lille supporters party: doctor Philippe Amouyel calls for “responsibility” to limit the “possible surge” of the Covid-19 epidemic

The professor from Lille University Hospital is worried about the possibility of forming a cluster in Lille after the festivities which followed the consecration of LOSC on Sunday.

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“We can hope that the responsibility of all our Lille friends will help limit this possible outbreak of the epidemic” of Covid-19, reacted Monday, May 24 on franceinfo the epidemiologist Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health at the Lille University Hospital, while the Lille supporters celebrated the French football champions in the streets of Lille.

With the victory of LOSC on Sunday, “we found ourselves in extremely reduced sanitary conditions”, considers Philippe Amouyel. And this Monday, “During the supporters’ parade, we saw that there was a very dense crowd. The idea that the virus could circulate is still major in this context”. In the event of a cluster with a multiplication of contact cases, “Of course, we will have to do a first test, then a period of isolation, then a second test after a week and isolation for ten days”, details the epidemiologist. But he doubts that it can be done “for all supporters”.

“People need to isolate themselves and get tested.”

Philippe Amouyel, doctor at Lille University Hospital

to franceinfo

Philippe Amouyel notes that “although we are still at a high level” contamination in Hauts-de-France, “we have a decrease everywhere”. But it’s the fruit “of a progressive deconfinement plan which began on May 19 and which is to be propagated until June 3, then to June 9, and so on”. The doctor therefore warns not to “skip step” because there is “Perhaps there are risks, especially in a region like ours where the level has been high and continues to be high anyway, to see the epidemic restarting again. We do not want it. That’s why. people have to isolate themselves and go get tested “.

But if outside, “the risk of contamination is ten times lower”, Philippe Amouyel believes that in Lille, “outdoors at this distance, with this jubilation, this alcohol consumption and prolongation in homes, that raises questions”. He recalls that “Hauts-de-France has paid a heavy price for Covid. And it is important that we get out of it”. For the epidemiologist, “we will have to rely on the empowerment of people to try to stamp” the effect of Lille jubilation.

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