Lisa’s disappearance in Mayenne: these questions that remain unanswered after the jogger was found alive

Many gray areas persist two days after its reappearance. Lisa, the 17-year-old jogger who disappeared in Mayenne, who was found alive on Tuesday, “was able to find his family”, announced the prosecutor of the Republic of Laval, Wednesday, November 10. Yes “the investigations on the place of the facts are coming to an end”, according to Céline Maigné, several fundamental questions remain unanswered. “The investigation is continuing and the answers to all of these questions can be given as soon as the investigations allow it”, the prosecutor told West France. While waiting for new elements, franceinfo returns to the main unknowns of this affair.

Under what circumstances did she disappear?

Lisa had left for a run on Monday near the Bellebranche forest, a wood located in the town of Saint-Brice, in the south-east of Mayenne. According to his father, thea high school student, young firefighter, had left at 4:00 p.m. and had not returned by 7:00 p.m. According to a relative of the young girl, she used an application to run and published his journey in real time on social networks, note France Blue. But his GPS stopped after 5 minutes and 31 seconds. His telephone, his connected watch and his headphones are then found by Lisa’s father with traces of blood. Analyzes are in progress.

In her first statements, the young girl mentioned a green van that could be used by her captors to kidnap her, franceinfo learned Thursday from a source close to the file. The investigation seeks to substantiate his statements. According to Franceinfo information, the gendarmes, during the neighborhood investigation, questioned residents about this vehicle which, according to her, could have been used for her kidnapping before the jogger escaped to take refuge in a restaurant. About sixty investigators are still mobilized to shed light on this disappearance.

How did she get into a kebab?

Lisa found refuge inyears old a kebab in Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe), about ten kilometers from where she had left for a run, Tuesday evening, around 8 p.m. “We gave her a jacket to warm up, but she was just shocked, it shows. We put it in the back kitchen and then I called the gendarmerie, the fire department, and everyone. arrived quite quickly “, told the owner of the restaurant to franceinfo and RTL.

Since Wednesday morning, the police have been combing the fast-food district in an attempt to retrace its route. The residents are all interviewed one by one. CCTV images of the city are also used, as shown by a team from France Télévisions on site.


The Angers research section and the Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne research brigade are continuing a meticulous work of hearings, requisitions, checks to specify the course of the day during which the young woman disappeared, based in particular on on his statements “, said Celine Maigné, the prosecutor of the Republic of Laval.

How many people are suspected?

The teenager declared, arriving at the kebab restaurant where she took refuge, to have escaped her captors. The investigation also seeks to substantiate these statements. According to The Parisian, two individuals are actively sought. Elements that franceinfo is not able to confirm. “No questioning has taken place”, Céline Maigné said on Wednesday. The abduction thesis is privileged, according to information from franceinfo, and certain points revealed by the young girl are still being verified.

A forty-year-old was arrested while intoxicated Monday evening and placed in police custody. He was released on Tuesday without prosecution. He had been heard for “to clarify his schedule in view of the few inconsistencies during his first statements” corn “the investigations carried out made it possible to clarify the elements which motivated this measure and to rule out the implication of the accused person”, explained the public prosecutor.

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