Live – Containment: Jean Castex details the latest announcements on the Covid in front of Parliament

9:00 a.m. [SITUATION SANITAIRE] Jean Castex speaks

“These measures are necessary to protect the life and health of many of our citizens. And to take a step forward, we hope, a last step in the massive deployment of vaccination and in the return to a normal life ”, says the Prime Minister.

“The 3e wave hits us hard “, he adds. “These decisions are never easy. They obey several requirements: to seek the best possible balance, to act neither too early nor too late, by adapting in real time to the evolutions of the epidemic, but also to the differences of territorial situation ”.

► 9:00 a.m. [REACTIONS] Criticism of oppositions

Among the first political reactions, Marine Le Pen judged that “The measures announced by Macron result in particular from a vaccine Waterloo for which he does not assume responsibility”.

It is “At the same time” at its peak “, criticized Guillaume Peltier, number two in LR. “Confining without confining, closing schools without closing them, winning the vaccination battle but without vaccine, supporting our caregivers but without means”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounced a program of measures “incoherent”. “An omniscient president decides everything, all the time and for everyone. Parliament will take care of the rest ”, for his part reacted the national secretary Europe Ecology-The Greens Julien Bayou in a tweet.

8:45 a.m. [PROGRAMME] How the debate will unfold in the Assembly

The modalities of the debate in the Assembly were clarified during a quick conference of group presidents on Wednesday. After the intervention of the government, the groups will have two hours of speaking time, with thirty minutes for LREM, twenty minutes for LR, the first opposition force at the Palais-Bourbon, ten minutes for each of the other groups and five minutes for an unregistered deputy.

The order of passage will be as follows: Agir ensemble, UDI, Liberties and territories, La France insoumise, the communist group (GDR), LREM, LR, MoDem and the socialist group.

The debate will be concluded by the government’s response before a vote in the living rooms, and the discussion of the climate bill will resume at 3 p.m.

► 8:30 a.m. [RECONFINEMENT] Jean Castex speaks in Parliament this Thursday

Jean Castex will deliver this Thursday 1er April a statement, which will be followed by a debate and a vote in both Houses of Parliament “On the evolution of the health situation and the measures necessary to respond to it”, Matignon said on Wednesday. He will speak first in the Assembly at 9 a.m., then in the Senate at 3 p.m. The Prime Minister had pledged to appear before Parliament in the event of new decisions of national significance. However, the responsibility of the government will not be engaged.

Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday the expansion of braking measures – which until then concerned 19 departments – to the entire metropolis. Nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will be closed for three weeks and the spring school holidays unified throughout France from April 12. For hospitals, President Emmanuel Macron has promised “Additional reinforcements” in intensive care to cope with the influx of seriously ill Covid-19 patients and “In the coming days” to more than 10,000 beds, compared to 7,665 currently.

The number of patients in intensive care has climbed to 5,072, beyond normal hospital capacity and the peak of the second wave in November.

Including Covid patients and others, nearly nine out of 10 intensive care beds (6,833 out of 7,665 as of March 26) are currently occupied, according to the Ministry of Health, which specifies that “Capacity building continues in all regions”.

Welcome to this live dedicated to the health crisis in France the day after Emmanuel Macron’s new announcements.


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