LIVE – Reconfinement: possible movements within “a radius of one kilometer from the home”, announces Jean Castex

⇒ 7:05 p.m. [ÉCONOMIE] Bruno Le Maire announces new support measures

“We have strengthened all the support systems for businesses. The solidarity fund will be reactivated for all companies and massively reinforced for the duration of the confinement ”, announced the Minister of the Economy.

All businesses and businesses with fewer than 50 employees which are closed by administrative decision may receive compensation of 10,000 euros. For companies in the specific sectors of tourism, events, culture and sport “More particularly affected for weeks” will also benefit from this compensation if they suffer a loss of turnover of more than 50%.

Finally, all other companies in all sectors which remain open but which are impacted by the confinement of less than 50 employees and which suffer a loss of 50% of their turnover will also be able to receive aid of 1,500 euros per month. Six billion euros will be spent per month of confinement for this new solidarity fund.

Companies will be able to contract a loan guaranteed by the state until June 30, 2021. The amortization of this loan can be spread between one to five additional years and at rates between 1 and 2.5% maximum.

⇒ 7:00 p.m. [ENTREPRISES] “Teleworking is not an option”

Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne announced that “In all companies, workers whose activities can be carried out remotely will have to telework. Teleworking is not an option ”.

Specifically, an employee who can do all of their tasks remotely must telecommute five days of the week. When this is only possible part-time, he can go to his place of work to need specific equipment. “For jobs that cannot be carried out remotely, it will be necessary to have a certificate from the employer who will be required to arrange the arrival and departure times in order to limit crowds during rush hour. “, explained Élisabeth Borne. A new protocol will be put online this evening and will be accessible to all on the website of the Ministry of Labor.

⇒ 6:55 p.m. [ÉDUCATION] Jean-Michel Blanquer specifies the school openings

“The school is a secure space because we apply barrier gestures more there than elsewhere”, explains the Minister of Education, who affirms that it was essential to leave schools, colleges, high schools open.

A health protocol will be put in place from Monday, November 2 and will allow the reception of all students. Masks become compulsory for all students from CP. “In order to limit the mixing of students, four main points will be put in place: the arrival and departure of students in schools will be spread out over time as much as possible. The movement of pupils in the building will be limited to the maximum. In the second level, only one room will be allocated to each class. Third, the recreations will be organized by group with maximum respect for barrier gestures. Finally, school catering is maintained for social reasons, ensuring that the pupils are separated by one meter ”, said Jean-Michel Blanquer.

The cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment will be reinforced, as well as aeration and ventilation of the classrooms.

For universities, courses must be delivered online. “Only practical work and vocational training requiring specialized equipment can be continued face to face”, explained Jean Castex. The exams and competitions will take place with a reinforced protocol, the libraries will be open by appointment and in accordance with a gauge. Research activities should continue by teleworking whenever possible.

⇒ 6:50 p.m. [CONFINEMENT] Non-essential businesses will be closed but will be able to prepare orders

Jean Castex affirmed that bars and restaurants, other essential shops, multipurpose room, conference room, sports hall and cinema, amusement park will be closed.

“The exemptions established in the spring will be maintained”, he clarified. The essential food stores: laundromat, newspaper store, opticians, some specialty stores, telecommunications, car and equipment rental will remain open. All wholesale businesses, stores and garden centers as well.

Finally, non-essential businesses will not have the right to welcome the public but they will be able to prepare orders, in particular for click & collect.

⇒ 6:45 p.m. [DÉPLACEMENTS] Exits authorized for only 7 reasons and with a certificate

From this Friday midnight, it will only be possible to go out with a certificate and only for the following reasons. Otherwise, a fine of 135 euros will be applied.

♦ Shopping for food

♦ Going to or coming back from work to exercise a professional activity without the ability to do so by teleworking

♦ Medical reasons, going to the hospital, to a doctor

♦ Compelling family reasons, assistance to vulnerable and precarious people

♦ For a judicial or administrative summons

♦ For participation in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority, such as the patrols of associations or the distribution of food aid at home

♦ Or for a trip of up to an hour to do physical activity, get some fresh air or walk your pet. A trip that cannot be done beyond 1km from home.

⇒ 6:40 p.m. [DÉBUT DE LA CONFÉRENCE DE PRESSE] “The epidemic is hitting our country very hard”

Prime Minister Jean Castex evokes the “violence of the second epidemic wave”. “Everyone had integrated the risk of a second wave but no one had foreseen an outbreak so violent and so rapid”, he explains, announcing a containment “different” from that of March.

⇒ 6:15 p.m. [CONFINEMENT] The French are preparing

With their “experience” of the first confinement, the French are getting organized. On their last day before the start of national restrictions on Thursday, October 29, many went to do their last shopping in non-essential businesses (clothing stores, toy stores) which will have to remain closed from Friday.

So, in front of bookstores, many queues have formed to stock up on readings, but also to support booksellers, forced to lower the curtain once again. During the first lockdown, reading had been a refuge, and book sales exploded when stores reopened in June.

⇒ 6:00 p.m. [RESTRICTIONS] Towards a new confinement more flexible than the first?

Jean Castex must specify the announcements made by Emmanuel Macron. The latter warned that the new confinement would be different from spring. One of the differences is that nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will be able to remain open, subject to the application of a new health protocol. Thus, from the age of 6, primary school pupils will have to wear the mask at school.

On the other hand, as for the first confinement, the public services will be forced to close after the weekend of All Saints, Monday, November 2. Enough to allow believers to honor the dead of previous months.

⇒ 17 h 45 [ANALYSE] Second2nd wave, how did we geté lat ?

The Covid-19 epidemic is out of control again. Currently, “Nearly 19,000 people are hospitalized”, is “As much as at the end of March”, compares, annoyed, the epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux. It is facing a exponential progression of the second wave that the government has taken the drastic step of re-containment.

This second wave is not a surprise. At the beginning of July, the scientific council already judged that it would arrive in the months of October or November. On the other hand, many scientists say they are taken aback by the speed of spread of the virus, which would be, among other things, linked to the change in the pace of life of the French since the start of September.

⇒ 5:30 p.m. [EXPLICATION] France forced to reconfinement

Wednesday October 28, Emmanuel Macron dealt a terrible blow to the morale of the French and to the economic recovery by announcing a new national confinement, which will apply from Friday and until December 1, ” at least “. Nothing is more important than human life, he said.

After ruling out other possibilities deemed insufficient, such as the confinement of the elderly or the increase in resuscitation capacities, the Head of State affirmed that this new confinement was necessary to give “A sudden brake on contamination”, without what “Doctors will have to choose between a Covid patient and a road accident”. During the press conference on Thursday, October 29, Jean Castex must specify the terms of this new confinement.


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