Loire-Atlantique: 400 calves die in a fire

The causes of the fire are unknown at this time. Two people were “slightly inconvenienced by the smoke”.

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Four hundred calves died Friday, December 17 at the end of the day in the fire of an agricultural building in Loire-Atlantique and two people were “slightly inconvenienced by the fumes”, reported firefighters.

Help was called shortly before 5 p.m. because of a fire that broke out in a 1,300 m2 agricultural building in Guéméné-Penfao, the departmental fire and rescue service said in a statement. Building, “which stored a herd of 400 calves”, was “totally on fire” when the fire brigade arrives and “no cattle could be evacuated from the building”. The causes of the fire are not yet known.

The technical installations of the farm could be preserved, as well as, in the damaged building, 80 liters of nitro-chlorinated acid, used for cleaning the stalls.

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