Looking for a cute name for your daughter, see this list

The reverberation of kilkaris in the house is one of those happiness which has no match and if the kilkari is of a daughter, then it becomes pleasant to sleep. If a daughter is also born in your house, then let us know what name you can give for her, which means completely different from the same as your daughter. 

1- Adhisari – Who has height, skyscraper.

2- Adhira- Who is strong as a rock. 

3- Roopsee- Goddess of Roop, very beautiful.

4- Saloni- Beautiful. 

5- Sarina – Pure, Nirmal.

6- Shagun- Which is related to auspicious time. 

7- Shanaya- Shining like the morning sun. 

8- Siya- Sita ji is also called Siya. 

< strong>9- Praise- Worship of God.

10- Shubhashree- One who enchants everyone. 

< strong>11- Swarna- like gold. 

12- Tanirika- Goddess of gold is also known as Tanirika. 

< p>13- Tilka- A very unique name which means one way necklace.

14- Yamka- a rare flower.

15- Gauranshi – a part of the body of Goddess Gaura.

16- Jiya- which is very sweet and very close to heart.

17- Kairav- This could be a very unique name for your daughter Which means moonlight. 

18- Kanisha- Kanisha is a very good option for your beautiful daughter which means very beautiful. < /p>

19- Kashvi- which is very shiny. 

20- Kaya- This is a very unique and rare flower . This can be a good option for your daughter’s name.

21- Kripali- which is very kind. In which there is a feeling of kindness. 

22- Accounting- The one who is related to studies can be named Accounting.

23- Mahika- This could be a good name for your daughter which means delicate as a dewdrop. 

24- Mahiya- Whose arrival brings happiness in the house. 

25- Netra- Whose eyes are very beautiful can be named Netra. 

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