Lower price of tobacco: “It will make cancer 1% cheaper”, ironically a pulmonologist

The prices of certain packs of cigarettes fall from Wednesday September 1, a “tobacco industry marketing attempt”, according to pulmonologist Bertrand Dautzenberg, secretary general of Act, Alliance Anti-Tabac who recalls that “this product kills half of loyal consumers: it will make cancer 1% cheaper”.

franceinfo: What do these very slight price reductions mean?

Bertrand Dautzenberg: We are really in symbolic variations, 1% variation. Some packages are also increasing and on average the prices do not change.

“It’s really marketing attempts by the tobacco industry to get back below 10 euros, a symbolic value to try to maintain the cigarette market.”

Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist

to franceinfo

This product kills half of loyal consumers, 8% of men in France die from tobacco-related lung cancer and therefore it will make cancer 1% cheaper.

Are manufacturers cutting back on their margins to target mainly young people?

Yes. The announcement of this variation may create a little interest for some brands compared to others but it is a small fight that has no interest and from a public health point of view, tobacco continues to kill. Tobacco which was a flagship product with 84 billion cigarettes sold at the time of the first cancer plan, now we sell 32 to 33 billion. There is a very significant drop.

“In 20 years there will be no more cigarettes because no one will want to buy them.”

Bertrand dautzenberg

to franceinfo

Today, one in four French people say they smoke every day. After several years of decline, the number of smokers started to rise again last year. How to explain this slight rebound?

The Covid has changed things a lot. We could no longer go to buy our cigarettes in Belgium and when we look at the turnover of tobacconists, we see that tobacconists in north-eastern France, for example, have considerably increased their turnover while those in Paris or de Bretagne continued to decrease their cigarette sales. In France, 10 to 15% of cigarettes are bought abroad because the prices are cheaper. Regarding consumption, the Public Health France survey was carried out between the two confinements in unstable conditions, where behaviors have gone all over the place and therefore it is difficult to interpret the figures for this year. . We are on a definite downward trend, the cigarette will be over, it is the end of tobacco. In 10-15 years, there will be less than 5% of smokers in schools as is already the case in the United States. The end of smoking is programmed, that’s why the tobacco industry is fighting with other products like shisha, which is also toxic and kills so much, and by creating heated tobacco or other products. to try to rise from their ashes.

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