Lyme disease: towards a clearer care pathway

DECRYPTION – A guide from the Haute Autorité de santé aims to clarify the players in the sector and their role in a context of delicate controversy.

Being bitten by a tick is common in France. However, this mite, which feeds on blood, can, by its bite, transmit to humans a bacterium from the spirochete family, responsible for borreliosis or Lyme disease (60,000 cases in 2020). This pathology, benign and treatable well in the vast majority of cases, has nevertheless crystallized in recent years concerns and frustrations on the part of patients attributing, rightly or wrongly, their long suffering to this pathology. To respond to this, the High Authority for Health (HAS) has just published a Care pathway guide for caregivers and patients suspected of having Lyme borreliosis.

The document, which can be consulted on the HAS website, advocates a graduated approach. People who see the appearance, in the month following the bite of the tick, of a non-painful circular red patch (we speak of erythema migrans) at the bite site, are invited to consult their doctor…

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