Mahima Chaudhary’s old laughter returned after winning the battle with cancer, the same beautiful face was seen in the shooting

We have already told you about the fearless and bold personality of actress Mahima Chaudhary. There is no need to tell how brave and blessed she is, but how much hardships she has faced during the days of her battle with cancer, it is really heartening. Mahima, who shot in Lucknow with Anupam Kher for her film ‘The Signature’, told how her daughter Aaryana did not attend school and took care of her at home, while also studying online. In her latest video, Mahima is seen talking about the film with Anupam Kher, in which her grace is being seen.

mahima chaudhary graceful video
Talking about her daughter Mahima said, ‘She told me she would stay at home as she didn’t want to risk the COVID virus coming home and I was recovering. Therefore, she did not go to school even after Kovid. Mahima told ETimes, she did her classes online. Now, we bring you a video from the sets of ‘The Signature’ where Mahima looks gorgeous as ever. Anupam asks her the name of the film and she says ‘Last Signature’. He asks her again, to remove the word ‘Last’ and she says ‘Signature’.

Chhavi Mittal spoke to glory

Earlier, TV actress Chhavi Mittal was also diagnosed with breast cancer, who is a very good friend of Mahima. He sent a long voice note congratulating Mahima. In the note, Mahima revealed that Anupam Kher was insisting that he would not change his decision to cast her, but would rather work around his schedule. She said – she is an idol. He is very helpful. It is also a miracle that now I have started getting films.

Mahima Chaudhary, who has become cancer free, was in pain due to her daughter, Aaryana also suffered this ‘pain’ for 2 months
actress shooting for film
Currently, Mahima is shooting for her film ‘The Signature’ in Lucknow. She can fly back to Mumbai any time. Because soon it is his daughter’s birthday. After Mahima’s battle with cancer, many people in the industry are tarnishing her courage.


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