Anti semitism

Thanks to Geneviève Jurgensen, thanks to Jean-Dominique Durand, president of the Judeo-Christian Friendship of France, thanks to The cross, for these just, urgent, pressing words in the April 26 issue. Let us not leave our Jewish brothers alone in the face of anti-Semitism and the murderous violence it arouses, especially among the ranks of Muslims conditioned by pseudo-religious ideologues. France is concerned, other countries in Europe, Belgium in particular, are no less so.

André Brombart


Tribute to Bertrand Tavernier (after)

Thanks to Alexis Jenni for his beautiful tribute to Bertrand Tavernier (column in The cross from Tuesday March 30) that I personally consider to be one of the greatest directors of the past 50 years. The real, the strong, the human, sometimes derision, all this treated with undeniable art. I remain particularly marked by his film Life and nothing else which will remain for me his major work, dealing with a totally confusing subject, the choice of the unknown soldier whose body was going to rest under the Arc de Triomphe. Thank you to this great director who will forever mark the history of cinema.

B. Lepoutre


Citizen’s Climate Convention (after)

In the letter of April 12, I am surprised at the reaction of a reader who considers that the Citizen’s Climate Convention would be “radical”. However, they are citizens drawn by lot, many of whom had no knowledge in this area before this experience. Some even lost interest in the subject, thinking that the media was doing too much. The magic of this story is that indifferent people took the problem seriously. They have studied files, listened to researchers and many feel that their lives have been transformed. (…) This search for an agreement between the members first of all and with positions that the government could have shared if we relied on its facade declarations, is to the credit of this kind of truly democratic conventions since anyone can be drawn. (…)

Sylvie Puech


Solidarity and economic recovery

Believe in the solidarity and civic sense of the French to revive the economy. “The fundraising reached a record level last year …” (The cross “Special donations” of March 15.) “How to encourage the French to empty their woolen stockings of 100 billion € (…) This is the difficult question on which economists and the government are stumbling …”The cross, “Event” section of March 12. “The State does not seem to be able to prevent itself from making everything more complex and imagines itself capable of defining on its own …” La Croix “Debates” of March 16. I link these three articles: the French have a sense of solidarity; why therefore seek additional tax incentives to restart the economy while the state coffers have increased their deficit? Wouldn’t it be much better to communicate intensively on all avenues allowing the French to participate in the recovery effort? First of all, encourage people to have fun and empty their woolen stockings while the economy starts up again, preferably through French and also European ecological purchases. This stimulates economic activity and therefore employment for those whose stockings are negative, contributes through VAT to replenish the state coffers and leaves every French person free to direct his effort as he pleases. Other messages to get across: continue to support associations that work for the benefit of emergency aid, medical research and those who have long-term human objectives to get out of precariousness. (…)

Jean-Claude Allard


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