Malaika Arora Car Accident: After 26 days, Malaika Arora showed a painful picture of a car accident, such a terrible injury was near the eye

Supermodel Malaika Arora had a horrific accident about a month ago. He was rushed to the hospital and he also suffered some injuries. After which he was discharged from the hospital after treatment. She has also shared this bad experience on social media. Now forgetting this bad experience, she has returned to work. The glimpse of which he shared on social media. In this picture, Malaika Arora’s injury on her forehead is clearly visible, which has been noted by the fans on the internet.

Malaika Arora has shared the latest picture on Instagram Story. In this picture (Malaika Arora Photos), Malaika is seen drinking juice in the car. He is wearing dark glasses. But despite this, the injury on his forehead is clearly visible. A bruise is visible between the eyebrows. Which was noted by the fans and was seen worrying about them on the internet.

Malaika Arora had an accident
On 2 April 2022, his car had a serious accident on the expressway in Khopoli, Maharashtra. Three vehicles collided on the expressway and Malaika’s car was in the middle. He had suffered minor injuries in this accident and was immediately admitted to a nearby hospital.

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What Malaika Arora told
Sharing this painful experience on social media, Malaika had said that the day was very painful. It seemed like it was all over. That was a very scary moment.


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