Mali: seven soldiers killed in separate attacks, according to the army

Five soldiers were killed in the early afternoon when their vehicle struck an artisanal mine, two others perished in the late morning in an ambush which also left three injured.

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Seven Malian soldiers were killed on Saturday, October 30, in two separate attacks in Mali, a Sahelian country plagued by jihadist violence, the army announced. Five soldiers circulating in a vehicle were all killed in the early afternoon when it struck an artisanal mine near Ségou, about 200 km northeast of Bamako, the army said in a statement.

“The search of the area of ​​the incident allowed the arrest of two suspects, immediately made available to the gendarmerie”, according to the press release. At the end of the morning, two soldiers had perished in an ambush which also left three wounded near Mourdiah, about 200 km north of the capital, said the army, which specifies that the results of this ambush are provisional.

Despite the interventions of the French Barkhane force, the UN and a joint force from five Sahelian countries, Mali has been the theater since 2012 of jihadist violence, mixed with deadly inter-community conflicts.

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