Manoj Tiwari married second at the behest of his elder daughter

Once a superstar actor and singer of Bhojpuri films, and now BJP leader Manoj Tiwari had recently become the father of another girl. Manoj Tiwari’s second wife Surabhi Tiwari gave birth to the daughter on 30 December. Manoj Tiwari shared this news on social media. However Manoj Tiwari is already the father of a baby girl Riti who is the daughter of his and first wife Rani.

First wife and daughter have a good relationship
On becoming a father for the second time, Manoj Tiwari has said that he did not want to have a second marriage but his daughter Riti wanted him to have a second marriage. Now 49 years old Manoj Tiwari has become the father of the second daughter. Manoj Tiwari’s relationship with his wife Rani is still good. Manoj’s elder daughter Riti also lives in Mumbai with Rani. However, 10 years have passed since Manoj and Riti’s divorce.

Daughter Riti advised marriage
Talking with our colleague ETimes, Manoj Tiwari revealed that he was married to Surabhi Tiwari during the lockdown in April. Manoj told that Surabhi is a singer and she was singing in one of his albums. It was Manoj’s daughter Riti who advised him to marry Surabhi. Manoj told that the relationship between Riti and Surabhi is also very friendly.


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