March for the climate: more than 110,000 demonstrators according to the organizers, 44,000 according to the Ministry of the Interior

The call to demonstrate for a “true Climate law” a was joined by dozens of NGOs, unions and parties to denounce the “lack of ambition” of the “climate and resilience” bill.

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Bet won for supporters of a “true climate law”, who greeted a “strong mobilization” across the country, Sunday March 28, to demand that the government’s plan goes much further, on the eve of its consideration in the Assembly. A total of 44,000 people demonstrated in the territory according to the Interior Ministry, while the organizers put forward the figure of 110,000 participants.

In Paris, a large crowd marched behind a bannerFor a real climate law: Stop blah blahin a festive procession, animated by musicians. The demonstrators competed with placards denouncing the attitude of the President of the Republic. “Macron, your cardboard law, it’s the yellow trash” was a great success, like the variations on “Without filter, you smoke us”.

The call to demonstrate was joined by dozens of NGOs, unions and parties to denounce the “lack of ambition” Bill “climate and resilience”, supposed to translate a good part of the proposals of the Citizen’s Climate Convention.

For environmental activists, there is no not much of the 149 proposals of the convention, once passed through the government mill, accused of having yielded to economic lobbies, far from Emmanuel Macron’s promise to the “citizens” to transmit their measurements “without filter”.

This Monday begins in the National Assembly the examination of the bill “Climate and Resilience” in plenary session. Many demonstrators called on parliamentarians to improve the bill, on which some 7,000 amendments were tabled.

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