Marie-Paule Kieny: “In this booster strategy, vaccines in the study phase will have their place”

INTERVIEW – Virologist, vaccination specialist and public health expert, Marie-Paule Kieny is research director at Inserm. She chairs the Covid-19 Vaccine Committee.

LE FIGARO. – Will the vaccines at our disposal be sufficient to vaccinate the entire planet?

Marie-Paule KIENY. – From a purely digital point of view Pfizer and Moderna assure that they have sufficient production capacity to do so. But by having only a few vaccines you run the risk of monopoly.

For the moment the manufacturers have agreed to restrict themselves during the pandemic, but have already started to increase their prices. The production costs of an RNA vaccine do not exceed € 2.50 per dose, but they are already sold between € 15 and € 20. Competition is the best tool to limit this increase. There is therefore every interest in increasing the offer to guarantee access to as many people as possible.

These vaccines are extremely effective, is not any attempt at competition in vain?

RNA vaccines are great, but they are not very stable at room temperature. Progress has been made, but storage conditions remain restrictive and complicate

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