Marie Rose Moro: “We are the country in Europe where there is the most school phobia”

The child psychiatrist and director of the Maison de Solenn adolescent center analyzes the fears of going to school for certain children.

Child psychiatrist and director of the Maison de Solenn adolescent house (Cochin hospital), Pr Marie Rose Moro edited the book School phobia, rediscover the pleasure of learning, published by Éditions Vigot.

LE FIGARO. – When we talk about school phobia, what are we talking about?

Pr Marie Rose MORO. – These are children who suffer from acute anxiety about going to school. It will manifest itself in various ways. It can be by behavioral disorders such as withdrawal, sleep disorders, crying or physical disorders such as stomach ache, headache … It disappears during the holidays.

What is the cause of school phobia?

There are several. Some children, few in number, do not want to leave the house because it is the only place where they feel safe. Children fear going to school because they have experienced a traumatic event, such as racketeering. Finally, at school itself, the child will be confronted both with his relationship to knowledge

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