Marine Le Pen: on immigration, “the pope gets involved in what does not concern him”

The cross : You president, would you dialogue with all the cults, like your predecessors?

Marine Le Pen : It is perfectly legitimate for the State to have a dialogue with religions. It’s the limit of the law (against separatism, Editor’s note) Darmanin: we have the feeling that the State is tempted to organize and train, but that is not its role. It is only there to say what is authorized, what is not, and to preserve religious freedoms. The law of 1905 forbids him to go further.

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Do you understand the positions of Pope Francis on welcoming the other, at the antipodes of your program?

MLP: When the pope expresses the necessary charity which must be developed individually by Catholics with regard to the other, he is in his role. But when he wants to influence the immigration policy of a country, he interferes in what does not concern him. There is God and there is Caesar, let the pope take care of what concerns God, not what Caesar wants, the French people, the only sovereign. And when the people decide on an immigration policy, the pope does not have to say what is right or wrong.

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You defend the French identity. Is the Corsican identity a component or do you recognize the existence of a Corsican people?

MLP: Absolutely not: there is only one people, the French people. There are regional, sometimes departmental identities, components of the national identity. But no Corsican people.

Half of the French still consider you a “danger for the Republic”. Can a majority of voters really vote for you if you qualify for the second round?

MLP: Emmanuel Macron and all of his teams obviously believe that it is possible. Many things have evolved over the course of our applications. The caricature that has been made of our ideas gave way under our work and our perseverance. The emergence of Zemmour in this campaign and his caricatural vision of society got rid of it.

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But the National Front has faced a “republican front” each time it reached the second round…

MLP: The “republican front” has largely disappeared. Even if political figures called for its reconstitution, a large number of citizens would no longer follow them. Perhaps this front will even turn against Emmanuel Macron. Generally we choose in the first round, we discard in the second. I think today that a majority of French people want to dismiss Emmanuel Macron and the policy he pursued for five years.

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You blame Éric Zemmour for his “radicality”. Can you assure that he will never be your prime minister?

MLP: He never will be, and he doesn’t even want to. We have deep differences on a whole series of subjects. He leads a fight of religions, which is not my case. Our economic visions are extremely different. We certainly have a patriotic electorate. But there are also patriots on the left. I want a government of national unity: its composition and its leader will depend on those who want to participate. Arnaud Montebourg could perfectly have a place in reindustrialisation, he has a vision very similar to ours on this subject.


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