Mark Loewen: ‘Dinosaurs are still kings of the world’

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The paleontologist recounts the transition of dinosaurs which, at the time of their appearance, were the size of a fox, then died out millions of years later after having multiplied their size and their strength.

By Javier Arroyo (El País)

Mark Loewen (1970, San Bernardino, California) is a paleontologist and professor at the University of Utah, USA. A specialist in Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs, he participated in the cataloging of thirteen new dinosaurs. He is also part of the science team at the Utah Museum of Natural History as an Associate Resident Scholar.

In April, he traveled to the Science Park in Granada, Spain, to talk about his hobby, dinosaurs, “the dominant predators of their ecosystem”. The first specimens were of modest size, “analogous to that of the fox”, but they have reached the size and strength that the T-rex has notably revealed in the films Jurassic Park. His area of ​​expertise: the taxonomy, evolution and biogeography of carnivorous, battleship and horned dinosaurs.

EL PAIS. – Why is it essential to conduct research on dinosaurs and why are they important nowadays?

Javier ARROYO…

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