“Marseillais feel a little duped”: the opposition reacts to the announced resignation of Michèle Rubirola

The reactions accumulate after the announcement of a crisis meeting of the Printemps Marseillais this Tuesday, December 15 at 4 p.m. According to franceinfo information, Michèle Rubirola will resign from her chair as mayor, six months after her victory in the municipal elections.

Asked about franceinfo, the Republican deputy Éric Diard believes that “the Marseillais can be disappointed” from Michèle Rubirola’s team. The elected LR does not call for a new vote of the Marseillais immediately, except “if it is not settled at the municipal council”, he explains. Michèle Rubirola, 64, has more of a “benevolent image”, emphasizes Éric Diard. An image opposite to that of Benoît Payan, who “not unanimous”. A first deputy at the town hall “with long teeth (…) apparatchik of the Socialist Party“, estimates Éric Diard. The Marseillais were “duped”, concludes Éric Diard.

This resignation “again gives an image of the Marseille political class particularly deleterious, and that is not acceptable” adds for her part on franceinfo, Alexandra Louis, LREM deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône. According to information from franceinfo, Benoît Payan, current first deputy, is a candidate for the chair of mayor. Michèle Rubirola would then become first assistant. “It makes me think of the old world with the little arrangements between friends”, proclaims the member.

“It still feels like a bad remake of the ‘Marseille’ series or ‘House of Cards’.”

Deputy Alexandra Louis

The elected LREM believes that “The Marseilles political class does not set an example. All these small arrangements between friends give the idea of ​​a policy a little far from democratic requirements, especially since the period is difficult.” She adds that “a lot of his fellow citizens feel a bit duped.” The deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône “awaits explanations” and promise “to be attentive this afternoon, like the Marseillaises and Marseillais to understand what motivated her”.

On the side of the National Rally, they castigate this decision. “They laughed at us”, reacts Stéphane Ravier, Senator RN. Unlike MP LR, the elected representative wants there to be no party arrangement “behind the backs of the Marseillais”. “I call for a new vote, I call for a return to the polls. This deserves real clarification.“For Stéphane Ravier, the announced resignation of Michèle Rubirola is linked to a “Fed up” of the chosen one.

“Fed up with Marseille politics, she wants to serve other than being mayor, but obviously she is unable to assume it.”

Michele Rubirola “lied from the start” to Marseille voters, accuses Stéphane Ravier. Holding a new municipal election is the only solution to “to restore the image of democracy which is taking a serious blow today in Marseille”, continues the elected.

Aged 64, Michèle Rubirola was previously a doctor in working-class neighborhoods. The last municipal council of the year will be held Monday in Marseille.

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