Marthe Robin (continued)

Many enthusiasts of Marthe Robin may have been shocked by the book by Father Conrad De Meester, who did a remarkable job and suffered deeply from his discoveries, as the interview with Joachim Bouflet underlines. (The cross October 16). In 1961, the Éditions de l’Orante published a similar work on the sermons of the CurĂ© d’Ars. The author, Jacqueline Genet, had been able to reconstruct what came from the priest himself, what had been inspired by other writings and modified by him, which he had finally copied in full, a different typographic font being used. for each of these categories. This work has been criticized by some as being an offense to the holy priest, while it was a tribute to his work and to his great humility, which made him, for example, attribute to Saint Philomena the miracles he performed. One can imagine him, after his exhausting days in the confessional and aware of his limited intellectual means – his superiors had pointed this out enough to him! -, thus working to transmit the message of the word of God, which passes through the poor more than through the learned. Why would it not be so for Marthe Robin, without any intention of deception on her part? We recognize a tree by its fruits, and those of both are quite eloquent. Not feeling at all drawn to this kind of spectacular mystique, I think that the terribly painful life of Marthe has, for many, been a path to God.

Dominique Royaux

I have always been embarrassed by the paranormal phenomena or apparitions that surround certain charismatic people. It should be noted that the Church has never asked to believe in these phenomena. However, I have always been moved by the movements of faith that these events, real or not, arouse. Father De Meester’s revelations reassure me, it seems that Marthe Robin was subjected to the laws of nature and that makes her totally human, just like Jesus, who was also fully human. Has she cheated on her world? I do not know. She may have been the victim of those around her who, carried away by excessive enthusiasm, forced events a little. I understand that some are disappointed but that does not detract from its merits. I would even say that these discoveries bring her closer to us, explain her influence and give even more value to what she has done.

Olivier Pignal


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