Massive methane leaks in the oil and gas industry

These gas emissions are due to damage or maintenance operations, according to a French study published in the journal “Science”.

Plugging leaks from the oil and gas industry would be enough to significantly reduce methane emissions. In a study published on February 3 in the journal Sciencean international team led by the Paris-Saclay Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory has for the first time drawn up a more precise inventory of the massive releases of this powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), which occur mainly on hydrocarbon production and transport networks.

Historically less singled out than carbon dioxide, methane (CH4) has recently been in the crosshairs of policies to reduce GHG emissions. Because if it stays in the atmosphere for a shorter time than CO2 (about 10 years versus at least a century) its warming power over 100 years is about 30 times greater. Its sources, of human origin (agriculture, waste treatment, extraction of fossil fuels, etc.) or natural (wetlands, etc.), are diverse…

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