Maundy Thursday (Jn 13,1-15)

The Eucharist this evening is the entrance into the Easter celebration. John does not speak of the Eucharistic institution. Paul gives the account: “I myself have received what comes from the Lord. » The account of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples comes down to us very faithfully, down to word for word. The sacrament is not a memory, but a memorial, an action leading into a unique event. The question that arises then is John’s silence which replaces the memorial of the meal with that of the washing of the feet. In the Holy Thursday liturgy, if the washing of the feet is practiced, no one would dream of seeing it as equivalent to the consecration of bread and wine! What does this gesture mean for John? It must be remembered that the washing of the feet was the work of a slave. Sometimes disciples did it to honor their master. Jesus, he Master” and “Lord », by this gesture, gives the meaning of his death, on a cross like a slave. He transfigures his odious death into the humiliation of God. Only silence can translate adoration before the cross; the liturgy of Good Friday will bring us there in truth. But Jesus also gives a “divine” meaning to the fraternal service that we must give ourselves in order to experience the Passover of Jesus. “It is an example that I have given you so that you too may do as I have done for you.. Through service to the end, we will enter into joy. ” Happy are you, if you do! » Happy Easter holidays!


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