MC Tod Fod Death Reason: How did MC Tod Fod die? Mother said – my son is gone, we could not do anything

The sudden death of ‘Gully Boy’ fame rapper Dharmesh Parmar i.e. MC Tod Fod shocked the fans. MC Demolition, who worked with Ranveer Singh, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Zoya Akhtar in ‘Gully Boy’, passed away at just 24 years old. Now it has come to the fore that due to which all of a sudden MC Tod Fod died. Recently, the rapper’s mother (MC Tod Fod Mother) told that her son had a heart attack twice in the last four months. His health was not good.

According to the report of Dainik Bhaskar, the mother of MC Demolition told that the son had gone to Ladakh with friends four months ago. During this, the son had a heart attack for the first time. He had heart surgery. Then a few months later there was another attack. Dharmesh suffered heart attacks twice in four months. Dharmesh did not rest at all. Always had a passion for rap. Just because of these reasons my child got out of my hands and we could not do anything.

snatched away all the happiness of the family on holi
Dharmesh’s mother told the media that her son had gone to attend an event in Nashik on Holi. During this he was playing football and suddenly he fell unconscious in the field. Friends pressed his chest and tried to lift it. Everyone was taking him to the hospital but Dharmesh died in the middle.

MC Tod Fod Passes Away: ‘Gully Boy’ rapper MC Tod Fod passes away, Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi express griefNot only rapper MC Tod Fod, even after seeing the corpse of these 8 syllables, the heart was torn, the mystery is not solved yet
Friend called, Dharmesh is no more
The mother of MC Demolition told that on March 20, a call came from Dharmesh’s friend and told that he is no longer in this world. I could not believe it, but when I came to know, the ground slipped under my feet. Dharmesh’s father brought the son’s body from Nashik on 21 March and the last rites took place on 22 March.


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