Measuring the benefits of wind for international maritime transport

The Marseille start-up Syroco calculates how much fuel can be saved by giant kitesurf kites installed on a container ship?

How much fuel can giant kitesurf kites save on a Shanghai-Rotterdam route when they are mounted on a container ship? This is exactly the type of problem on which the technical team of the Marseille start-up Syroco is working, within the framework of a contract with the shipowner CMA CGM. “Several companies offer innovations related to the wind, with kite wings or rigid sails that can be installed on commercial vessels,” explains Florent Boutellier, one of the co-founders of Syroco.

“The CMA CGM asked us to quantify the savings in consumption that these different solutions could bring, road by road, ship by ship, in order to see which would be the most interesting.” Until the maritime sector develops ships with completely clean propulsion systems that do not emit greenhouse gases, the short-term challenge is to reduce fuel consumption.

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