Medical Fask Mask or Fabric Mask: WHO shares guidelines, when and how to wear them

Coronavirus prevention: Both medical masks and fabric masks are an important precautionary measure for Kovid-19. As the graph of infection increases every day, health portals and experts are calling for not to be lax in their safety and other measures including masks. A post issued by the World Health Organization explained how to wear a mask. & Nbsp;

Medical or Surgical Masks
In a video released on Twitter, the World Health Organization has advised that masks of this type should be worn:
Health workers
People who Symptoms of Kovid-19 are
People who are caring for someone suspected or infected with Kovi-19


Medical masks should be used in areas where the virus has been widely spread and it is difficult to follow social distancing of at least one meter: & nbsp;
People whose age 60 or more
People with marked diseases

Fabric mask

  • These masks have emerged as a supplement at a time when there is a shortage of medical masks in the world. The WHO suggested that fabric masks can be worn through people who do not have symptoms of Kovid-19. It also includes people who are in close contact with the social worker, the cashier.
  • Fabric masks should be worn in busy public places such as transport, work places, grocery stores and other congested environments. & Nbsp;

Medical mask

  • Medical masks are a one-time use that needs to be thrown in the trash daily duly
  • Medical mask is also called surgical mask, while fabric mask is reusable. The fabric mask needs to be washed with warm water after every use. & nbsp;

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