Medicine in the face of ethnic risk factors

DECRYPTION – Making the link between ethnic group and the risk of developing certain pathologies is often not very relevant.

“The United States Made the Mistake of Focusing on Ethnic Differences in Medicine for Many Years, warns the Pr Marco Alifano, head of the thoracic surgery department at Cochin hospital, in Paris. They are now backing up and we must take advantage of this lesson. ”

In fact, many studies identifying links between ethnicity and the risk of developing a pathology are now questioned and reassessed by integrating, rather than this notion of ethnicity, socio-economic groups and ease of access to care that turns out to be more relevant. In a study published last August in the Jama, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that if the Covid-19 has been shown to be more serious in patients from ethnic minorities, it is not for genetic reasons but because they suffer social and medical discrimination since many years.

Hazardous assumptions

“Ethnicity, taken into account in

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