Meera Rajput, wishing Shahid Kapoor a birthday, when did she like herself the most

On Shahid Kapoor’s birthday, his wife Meera Rajput has sent him a love message on social media. Meera has expressed love for Shahid by wishing him a happy birthday.

Meera is seen doing KISS to Shahid in this picture. While sharing this picture with Shahid, Meera wrote in the caption, ‘I like myself more when I am with you. My love, happy 40th anniversary to you. ‘

On this post of Mira, the fans have showered love on this pair and wish Shahid a birthday. Please tell that Shahid’s brother Ishaan Khattar has also posted a love filled post on his birthday, in which the glimpse of his childhood is visible.

Let me tell you that in July 2015, Meera and Shahid married Orange marriage. Meera is much younger in age than Shahid. Shahid was around 34 when he was getting married, while Meera was only 20 years old. The news was that Meera was not ready to marry Shahid at this age.

It is said that Meera’s elder sister converted her for this wedding. Shahid Kapoor, who converted Meera for marriage, is also named. It is said that Shahid met Meera a year before the wedding and the actor asked for her number. Gradually, the conversation between the two began.

Shahid and Meera have two children Meesha Kapoor and Jain Kapoor. Meisha was born in the year 2017 and Jain was born in 2018.


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