Memory and penitential time in Lourdes: “Desecrated child who survives in the depths of so many adults”

Memorial time for Saturday, November 6, 2021

Little crying child,

Little boy who went to serve you at Mass, full of pride, little girl who was going to confess with her heart full of hope of forgiveness, young boy, young girl, going enthusiastically to the chaplaincy or to the scout camp. Who has dared to defile your body with his big hands? Who whispered words in your ear that you didn’t know? Who imposed this smell on you that permeates you? Who made you his thing, while pretending to be your best friend? Who dragged you into his shameful secret?

Little child who, forever petrified, cries under the vaults of a cathedral, little child hundreds of thousands of times multiplied!

Someone photographed you. It allows many to see you, to look at you. Someone recognized himself in you, saw in you the image of his shattered, ravaged destiny. Someone, by discovering you one day, found in you a brother or a sister thanks to whom he was going to be able to express what he was wearing in secret, what so many and so many have worn and are wearing without finding words to say it , without finding, let alone, the heart to listen to them.

Little child crying on a church pillar, where you should sing, praise, feel at peace in the house of God,

We’re Watching You. From now on, we will pass in front of you seeing you, listening to you. O ridiculed child, humiliated child, profaned child who survives in the depths of so many adults or suicide teenager, we want to learn to look at you and hear the silent cry of your suffering.

Little boys, little girls who cry hidden in the adults that everyone sees, adolescents walled up in a silence that has been imposed on you, we owe you this. We owe it to you under the gaze of humanity, under the gaze of our conscience, under the gaze of Christ our Lord, that you want to sing with all your soul, with all your being, and before whom you cry forever.

It is too late for us to wipe away your tears. It is not to remember you. Your image placed before our eyes, we would like it to permeate our souls. From now on, I cannot enter a church, to celebrate there the mystery of life and of love stronger than death, without bearing the stigma of your crying face, so poor, so touching, so alone, so helpless. , and above all so dignified. All the good in the world does not redeem a child’s crying.

Little crying child, little girl, little boy, teenager, adolescent, me, Eric, bishop of the Catholic Church, with my brother bishops and the priests and faithful who want it, I implore God on this day that ‘he teaches me to be brotherly to you. “What you did to one of these little ones who are my brothers, you did to me. “

Penitential time of Saturday, November 6, 2021

O God whom we dare to call “our Father”, forgive us. You lay bare your Church, as Jerusalem once did, laid bare because of its crimes.

We thought we were being preserved by the holiness of your Son and the sacrifice he gave into our hands. We discover that we are able, we your ministers, we whom you have called and chosen, to desecrate your most ultimate gift, to transform into a human system of degradation, contempt, death, the gift that flows from your Spirit.

Forgive us for not having understood how much the power you give requires unfailing clarity of us. Forgive us for taking your mercy for tolerance of evil.

Relieve us, we beg of you. Remake our hearts. Inspire us how to reach out to those we have humiliated, neglected, hurt, abandoned,

Raise up those who are suffering, we beg you on our knees. Allow us to listen to them and do what they ask of us.

O God whom we dare to call “our Father”, forgive us. Remake our hearts.

Inspire us how to reach out to those bruised and humiliated whom we have neglected and abandoned. Give your joy to those to whom we have failed, we whom you have appointed to carry your word of grace and who have failed.

You called us to teach, teach us to listen.

You have called us to sanctify, strip us of all appropriation, may your grace maintain us in perpetual conversion;

You have called us to govern, purify us of all tastes of power, free us from all fear, starting with that of losing.

God of justice and mercy, God of life and peace, have mercy on us, come to the aid of our humanity.


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