Men with these 4 habits are unable to marry girlfriends even after love

Relationship Tips in Hindi: Love is a very pleasant feeling but it is not an easy task to fulfill. Love does not become precious just by saying it, but it has to be done with full devotion. The road to love reaching the destination is not easy. After love, when it comes to giving a name to this relationship, most of the relationships end there. Men often feel a little hesitant when it comes to marriage. This does not happen with all men, but with those who, even after being in a relationship for a long time, are unable to think about marrying a girlfriend. Let us know which habits are not able to extend their relationship till marriage.

Do not tell the parents even after a long relationship- After a long relationship, the couple gets to know whether they want to pursue their relationship or not. Taking the relationship to another stage means taking your step towards marriage. In such a situation, both have to tell about their relationship with their parents. If your partner keeps your relationship hidden from his family even after many years and refuses to tell you to them too, then understand that he is not serious about taking the relationship forward.

Arrange marriage looks better Despite being in a relationship, many men find arranged marriage more successful than love. They fall in love but want to arrange marriage. In this situation, you may not have to listen to your boyfriend for a sudden marriage, which can be a big blow. That’s why you try to test such kind of thinking men by their words.

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Housewife prefers not working If your boyfriend has fought with you many times over your work, then you need to pay attention to it. Many men do not like working women. Even if they bear you for a relationship, but when it comes to marriage, the question of whole life starts coming in their mind. Many men feel that working women are unable to pay attention at home, so they give more importance to arranged marriages. Therefore, if your boyfriend is not happy about your work, then you should talk openly.

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Those who are afraid of family and society- It takes courage to love her more than to love. Men who are timid, they fall in love but when it comes to getting married, they take their steps back. There is a fear in their mind about family members and people. Such men do not dare to say in front of their family that they love you and are ready to break up with you.


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