Meningitis B: the vaccine now recommended for all infants

Meningococcus B is responsible for rare, serious meningitis that is not always diagnosed in time. A simplification of the vaccination schedule and new efficacy data convinced the health authorities.

It is an opinion on the vaccination of the High Authority of Health (HAS) which went almost unnoticed: at the end of June, the institution recommended the vaccination of all infants against meningococci of serogroup B, responsible for what the commonly called meningitis B. “This represents more than half of bacterial meningitis. It is a relatively rare but serious disease in infants. It is often diagnosed too late ”, explains the Dr Ludovic Casanova, lecturer in general medicine at the University of Aix-Marseille, member of the National College of General Teachers.

Meningitis is manifested by fever, severe headaches, vomiting, stiff neck, hypersensitivity to light, accompanied by some lethargy, or even disturbances of consciousness. But stiff neck is not always present in toddlers, and other symptoms can be attributed to other illnesses. But its evolution

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