Mercury Retrograde 2021: Mercury has become retrograde in Libra, for 22 days these zodiac signs will have to pay attention

Mercury Retrograde September 2021: Mercury is situated in Libra. Venus is also transiting in Libra. Venus is considered a very important planet among the nine planets. According to astrology, Venus is considered to be the factor of luxury life and foreign etc. The conjunction of Mercury with Venus is considered special. The combination of Mercury and Venus in Libra forms Lakshmi Narayan Yoga, which is considered to be one of the most auspicious yogas.

Mercury’s nature
Mercury is considered to be the lord of Gemini and Virgo. In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered a benign planet. It is also called the prince of all the planets. Mercury is considered the factor of mathematics, logic, speech, communication, commerce, skin, humor etc. The exalted sign of Mercury is Virgo, while Mercury is considered to be low in Pisces.

Mercury Transit 2021
On 22 September 2021, the planet Mercury entered Libra after leaving Virgo. According to the Panchang, on 02 October 2021, Mercury will once again move from Libra to Virgo.

widow retrograde 2021
At present, Mercury has retrograded in Libra. That is, Mercury is transiting in Libra sign in retrograde state. Mercury will remain retrograde till 18 October 2021. After transiting from retrograde in Virgo, once again Mercury will change the zodiac in Libra.


  • Gemini HoroscopeDue to the retrograde Mercury, Gemini people will have to take special care in terms of their speech and relationships. Do not allow speech defects to arise. Do not rush into investing. Maintain cordial relations with friends.
  • Virgo HoroscopeMercury retrograde is special for you. During this, the risk of skin problems may increase, so follow the rules of hygiene, do not be careless in terms of health.
  • Libra HoroscopeMake a wise decision in terms of business. In case of confusion and stress, invest your capital wisely. Avoid the situation of debate. Pay special attention to food habits and lifestyle. Give up laziness.

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